Geitenhouders - Dijkstra Family

Since 1997 kleaster Bethlehem is active as a biological milk goat company. It is established at the place where the old nunnery Bethlehem was situated. The nearby Bartlehiem was named after this. Jan Dijkstra and Ypie Gijzen take care of 500 small milk goats and approximately 200 lambs. In summer the animals can graze in the fields around the farm. A part of the feed is extracted from fields 7 km away.

These fields participate in the meadow birds collective. This means that the field are managed in such a way that meadow birds like to breed here. Another part of the feed is cultivated by a biological farmer. We exchange fertiliser for grass clover and straw with him. This way we ensure that the circle is closed.

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Address details

Postal address
Dongenseweg 18
5121 PC Rijen


Contact details

Gerrit Verhoeven (chairman)
+31 (0)6 – 512 635 22

Cor Struik (sales)
+31 (0)6 – 531 361 30

Johan Devreese (secretary / treasurer)
+32 (0)473 – 392 670
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