About OGC - customers and partners

Organic Goatmilk Coöperatie delivers milk to 15-20 dairy processors in four countries: Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Most companies are served weekly. The processors turn our milk into lovely and healthy food products: mainly soft and semi-soft cheese, yoghurt and milk powder for baby formula. We enter a durable partnership with our customers, for many years, based on trust, transparency, quality and efficiency.

In order for the operation work to run smoothly OCG works together with:
- Elda in Rijen, the administration office that is responsible for the milk administration and the financial management.
- Van de Looy, the transport company that collects the milk from the members and delivers it to the processors.

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Address details

Postal address
Ericssonstraat 32
5121 ML Rijen


Contact details

Jan Dijkstra (chairman)
+31 (0)6 - 309 713 06

Cor Struik (sales)
+31 (0)6 – 531 361 30

Johan Devreese (secretary / treasurer)
+32 (0)473 – 392 670
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