Organic Goatmilk Coöperatie

Organic Goatmilk Coöperatie (OGC) is a cooperation of over biological goat farmers from Belgium, Germany and mainly the Netherlands. OGC collects the milk from its member and delivers this to the customers. OGC is the market leader for North West Europe for the production of biological goat milk. The members of the board are very familiar with goat farming and they passionately work on the development of a chain for biological goat diary, from manufacturer to consumer. They will contribute to your business and to the development of the biologic sales market with passion.

OGC delivers customised work, flexible and cost effective. All milk complies with the requirements of the government and even more. The cooperation delivers high-quality biological goat milk to her customers. This is ensured by government checks for food safety, biological regulations and quality programs such as ‘Kwaligeit’.

The purpose is to work together in chain link for a long-term period.

Address details

Postal address
Ericssonstraat 32
5121 ML Rijen

Contact details



Jan van Tilburg +31 (0) 6 137 02 250
Johan Devreese +32 (0) 473 39 26 70


Kees Steendijk  +31 6 224 64 294

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