Biological goats have a good life

In summer the goats are walking outside in the meadows around the farm. As soon as the weather allows it, they go outside. During winter they are kept in groups in a large stable. There is plenty of daylight in the stable and the floor is covered with straw. Therefore, the goats have more room to display their natural behaviour. They also get biological food, without genetically manipulated ingredients.

Veterinary medicines, like antibiotics, cannot be administered as a precaution, and in case of illness only in accordance with strict regulations.

Goat products with the biological certification mark comply with the legal European requirements and can then be called biological. This is only allowed if the product is produced in accordance with the legal guidelines and has been checked for this by an acknowledged inspection organisation (in the Netherlands this is SKAL).

After once lambing the goat will start to give milk. The animal is then approximately one year old and usually has two or three little lambs. The gestation period for goats is about five months. The lambing goats first get mated when they are seven months old. The mating to done by special selected bucks, usually in a natural way. The bucks that are not used to mate will go to special companies to be fattened for the meat production.

When a milk goat is well cared for and well fed, the animal will give approximately 900 litres of milk per year.

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