Geitenhouders - Pijlman Family

Our motto is: to produce top-quality milk in an animal and environmental friendly way. With the choice for ecological farmers we are convinced we have made the right choice. Our goats are wondering round in spacious, light and modern stables. During the grazing season the animals go outside. Here they can enjoy fresh grass in peace. Our stables are equipped with solar panels to provide power to our company. Apart from generating sustainable electricity our company also makes energy savings. Most stables are lid by led light. And the heat that is released when cooling the milk is transferred to warm water to clean the milk installation and for household use.

We hope you will enjoy our milk and the products that were made with it. Hillie, Sipke, Ariën and Maaike Pijlman, De Heerlijkheid Kuunder VOF, established at Kuinre (North West Overijssel). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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Ericssonstraat 32
5121 ML Rijen

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Jan van Tilburg +31 (0) 6 137 02 250
Johan Devreese +32 (0) 473 39 26 70


Kees Steendijk  +31 6 224 64 294

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