Geitenhouders - Verhoeven Family

We are Carla and Gerrit Verhoeven. In Biezenmortel (Noord Brabant) we have a biological milk goat farm with 100 goats and 350 lambs. We take care of all the animals together with one permanent, two part-time and one care employee.

The goats remain in a large stable and when the weather is good they can go back in the field where they can graze on grass mixed with clover. When it is cold and wet they will get ensiled grass. Apart from grass the goats also get biscuits. Every day the beds of the goats are covered with a new layer of fresh straw. Twice a year we take the fertiliser from the stable and spread it on the fields in order to feed the grass. We closely work together with Brabants landschap and Vereniging Natuurmonumenten. There are lambs wondering around a nature reserve of Brabants landschap. They eat young trees and therefore the tree frog (who digests his food in the sun) has more space.

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Jan van Tilburg +31 (0) 6 137 02 250
Johan Devreese +32 (0) 473 39 26 70


Kees Steendijk  +31 6 224 64 294

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